Friday, October 8, 2010

Sermons/Bible Studies/Devotionals Page Tab Added

I have added the final resources tab to this blog (since blogger apparently only allows a maximum of 10 pages), entitled, "Sermons, Bible Studies, Devotionals."  This resource blog has heavily emphasized scholarly materials, but since pastors and laypeople may also be accessing this site, I have decided to add this final tab which consists of links to church and ministry resources that include sermons, Bible studies, devotionals, some online commentaries and so forth.  These resources are generally more popularized in nature.

At this point, I feel I need to add a disclaimer (I have included a disclaimer on the sidebar as well).  This blog is intended to provide a service to the church and academia.  I have provided links to resources that obviously range widely in terms of quality and theological perspective.  Posting resources on this blog does not constitute an endorsement of all the views expressed in these resources, nor does it guarantee that all of the sources provided are of equally high quality.  This caveat especially applies to the resources provided under this final heading.  Many of these resources have been developed by individual, churches, and/or ministries that--generally speaking--do not have the same kind of quality control usually found in most academic circles.  I trust that my learned readers will be able to use these resources appropriately and to be able to make their own judgments regarding the quality and accuracy of these resources.

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