Thursday, February 28, 2013

Swetnam on Hebrews 4:2

James Swetnam has published a new article on Hebrews:

"The Meaning of toi/j a)kou/sasin at Hebrews 4,2." Biblica 93 (2012): 601-608.

Here is the abstract of the article:

"The words toi/j a)kou/sasin in Heb 4,2 are frequently taken as referring either to the Israelites of the desert generation who, in contrast to the majority, did believe in God’s care, or to the Christians who, in contrast to the desert generation, do believe. After indicating why each interpretation is unsatisfactory, the note argues from the wording of the entire verse in the context of the epistle as a whole that the words refer to the Christians who heard the words of the Lord as he instituted the Eucharist. He is the one who, through the linkage of faith, makes entrance into God’s rest possible."

Swetnam tends to find the Eucharist behind every bush in Hebrews (metaphorically speaking).  I often find his articles unpersuasive, but I provide the link here, so that my learned readers can decide for themselves.

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