Thursday, January 4, 2018

Two New Articles on Hebrews in Novum Testamentum

Two new articles on Hebrews have appeared in the latest issue of Novum Testamentum:

Baugh, S. M. “Greek Periods in the Book of Hebrews.” Novum Testamentum 60.1 (2018): 24–44.

"It is typical for students of the book of Hebrews to comment on its long, complex sentences or “periods” as evidence of the author’s literary and rhetorical skills. This essay surveys ancient and modern views on the Greek period and finds that they are typically shorter, antithetical or “rounded” statements which may or may not coincide with a grammatical sentence. Example periods in Hebrews are then discussed along with observations on other, supporting literary features of the epistle in those places where the author occasionally employs a periodic style."

Doran, Robert. “The Persuasive Arguments at Play in Heb 2:11 and 7:12.” Novum Testamentum 60.1 (2018): 45–54.

"The phrase ‘from one’ in Heb 2:11 does not refer to some common ancestor or creator, but is the commonplace that common predication connects those so predicated. At Heb 7:12, the author draws upon the accepted connection in the Mediterranean world between form of government and worldview/religion—to change one is to change the other—and so the argument is rhetorically persuasive."

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