Saturday, March 23, 2019

An Old Dissertation Newly Published

The following dissertation is now available for purchase and/or download:

Worley, David Ripley, Jr. “God’s Faithfulness to Promise: The Hortatory Use of Commissive Language in Hebrews.” PhD diss., Yale University, 1981.

"David Worley's 1981 Yale University dissertation--revised with foreword by James Thompson and bibliographical addendum by Lee Zachary Maxey--explores the use commissive language, promises, and hortatory literature in the book of Hebrews. The author concludes that the use of commissive language in the book of Hebrews was not prompted by criticisms within the church over a delay in God’s promise keeping; rather that our author seized upon God’s commissive activity and the behavior of promisees of scripture as a way of emboldening a people tempted to withdraw from one another and from God to endure social and financial difficulties and to remain confident in the face of threats to the promise."

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