Friday, March 6, 2009

Newly Arrived From France

I arrived home today with a couple of delightful packages awaiting me, one of which contained Emile Guers' commentary on Hebrews entitled Etude sur l'Epitre aux Hebreux, dated 1862. I had just recently found out about the commentary and was fortunate to find a copy on the used book market.

The book contains an introduction dealing with internal and external proofs for the authorship of Hebrews (whom he believes is Paul), the language, readers, and goal and analysis of the epistle. The commentary itself is divided into two parts: the "essentially doctrinal" part which deals with the first ten chapters, and the "essentially practical" part containing the remainder of the book. It conclusion deals with "Judeo-Christianity and its principal manifestations combatted by the epistle to the Hebrews" which he delineates as legalism, formalism, and sacerdotalism or clericalism. It has three appendices on the Sabbath, the expiatory suffering of Christ, and a synoptic table comparing the two sacrifices with respect to their point of view and their results.

All in all, it is a fun addition to my collection.

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