Monday, January 5, 2009

Is Paul the Author of Hebrews?

There is some interesting discussion on Nick Norelli's blog regarding the authorship of Hebrews. If there is one thing I am convinced of, it's that Paul did not write the Book of Hebrews. The style and content of the book is too radically different from Paul's writings.


  1. Brian,
    I came across a link to your blog on N.T. Wrong's site. I really like it and its proposed foci.

    I read sometime ago Samuel Terrien's "Till the Heart Sings: A Biblical Theology of Manhood and Womanhood." In it he espouses a theory (actually, I am unaware of its originality) that I hope you can expound upon. He argues for a dual Prisca and Aquila authorship of the book of Hebrews (See especially pages 175-183). If you can expound on or respond to this it would be great.

    Thanks for your interesting posts.

  2. Thanks for pointing me to this work; I am not familiar with it. In fact I was going to blog sometime soon on Harnack's article on the authorship of Hebrews in which he posits Priscilla as the author of Hebrews. To my knowledge, he is the first to propose her as a possible author. I don't think that Terrien is the first to posit dual authorship of Priscilla and Aquila, but I am not sure who first proposed it.

    I will say this up front that I don't think that Hebrews was written by a woman, largely because of a masculine participle in 11:32. I will elaborate a little more on this when I review Harnack. The theory that Hebrews was written by Priscilla and Aquila is interesting, but again I think it falls short, because Hebrews sounds like it was written by one person. But, I am fair-minded and will give Terrien a chance to make his case before evaluating it.