Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hebrews Carnival March 2010

William Varner presents A New Perspective on Hebrews. He provides this new perspective in a PDF file.

Clifford Kvidahl offers Some Random Notes on Hebrews.

Kvidahl also remarks on Hebrews 8:13 and the obsolescence of the Old Covenant.

Dan Cruver had a meditation on Hebrews 10:19-25 that we can have Confidence to Approach God - Together.

Bob MacDonald gives an overview of The Psalms used in Hebrews.

Michael Bird interviews Andrew W. Pitts about his theory on the Authorship of Hebrews. Pitts, and his colleague Joshua F. Walker propose that the evidence best points to a collaboration between Paul and Luke. He argues that the speech is Pauline, which Luke documented in some manner as a stenographer and then later published it. Myself? Although I believe the author of Hebrews is likely an associate of Paul's and may in part be influenced by Paul, I do not think that the writing is Pauline. For example, the theology of the book differs too much from any of Paul's letters and the use of the OT is much different than Paul's.

Tony Siew reflects on Hebrews and Its Influence on his life.

Joel Watts has a reflection on Ben Witherington's discussion on Hebrews in The Indelible Image.

Doug Chaplin notes two places where the language of Eucharist and Sacrifice merge in the NT, which includes Hebrews 13:10.

Matthew Larsen gives the abstract to his paper that he will deliver at the upcoming SBL Conference in Atlanta: The First Century Two Ways Catechesis as the Background of Hebrews 6:1-6.

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