Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stewart Custer's Annotated Bibliography

This begins a series of posts on works on the History of Interpretation of Hebrews.
Custer, Stewart. “Annotated Bibliography on Hebrews.” Biblical Viewpoint 2 (1968): 52-68.
From the Logos Bible Software website: “Stewart Custer received a B.A. and M.A. in Bible and a Ph.D. in Greek text from Bob Jones University. He began teaching at BJU in 1955 as a graduate assistant in Greek. Besides teaching Biblical Theology, Methods of Bible Exposition, and advanced Greek courses at BJU, Custer was the director of the university’s planetarium and produced programs for public viewing. He was chairman of the Division of Bible and editor of Biblical Viewpoint, the journal of BJU’s School of Religion, until his retirement. Dr. Custer has been in demand as an expository preacher, visiting many churches to present a series of expositions on a single book of Scripture or to speak on specific topics such as the fallacies of evolution or the inspiration of the Bible. He currently serves as the pastor of Trinity Bible Church in Greer, SC.”
This article contains a selective annotated bibliography on commentaries and other works on Hebrews that the author deems beneficial to the pastor. The 64 titles listed are classified under three headings: Conservative Commentaries, Critical Commentaries, and Other Works on Hebrews. He deals with both popular and scholarly treatments. Custer provides a brief paragraph highlighting the characteristics of each work. He places an asterisk beside titles that considers will be most useful for the pastor. The interpretive cruxes by which he analyzes each work appear to be 1:8; 4:12; 9:4; and especially 6:1-6. He is particularly concerned to highlight each author’s perspective on the deity of Christ. He often indicates an author’s view on the authorship and/or dating of Hebrews.
Naturally, the author’s comments are from a very conservative perspective. While the bibliography is now quite dated, it is useful for getting a rather thorough overview of works prior to 1968.

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