Tuesday, September 7, 2021

New Article on the Christological Reading of Psalm 8 in Hebrew 2

This came out in February but I am just learning about this now:

Maston, Jason. “‘What Is Man?’ An Argument for the Christological Reading of Psalm 8 in Hebrews 2.” Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft 112.1 (2021): 89–104. 
"Whether the author of Hebrews interpreted LXX Ps 8,5–7 as referring to humanity (the anthropological interpretation) or Christ (the Christological interpretation) has been widely debated. This essay strengthens the case for the Christological interpretation. After discussing the connections between Hebr 1,1–13 and 2,5–9, the article focuses on the citation and interpretation of LXX Ps 8,5–7 in Hebr 2,6–9. I contend that the author identified a three stage pattern in the psalm which he sees replicated in Jesus’ life. The next stage of the argument shows how in 2,10–18 the author only applies two stages to the lives of believers. Believers do not complete the third stage which indicates that, for the author of Hebrews, the psalm is first about Jesus and then applicable to humanity."

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