New & Forthcoming Books

Bucher, Debra J., and Estella Boggs Horning. Hebrews. Believers Church Bible Commentary. (Herald Press).
Cara, Robert J. Hebrews: A Mentor Commentary. (Christian Focus Publications).
Gray, Patrick, ed. The Oxford Handbook of Hebrews and the Catholic Epistles. (Oxford Academic).
Peeler, Amy. Hebrews. Commentaries for Christian Formation. (Eerdmans).
Andersen, Bob. Who Wrote Hebrews? The Case for Silas and His Message for Today. (Gentle Impact Publishing).
Anderson, Kevin L. Hebrews and the General Epistles. Reading and Interpreting the Bible Series. (Foundry).
Blackwell, Ben C., John K. Goodrich, Jason Maston, eds. Reading Hebrews in Context: The Sermon and Second Temple Judaism. (Zondervan Academic).
Church, Philip. Never Give Up! The Message of Hebrews. (Wipf & Stock).
Cockerill, Gareth Lee, Craig Bartholomew, and Benjamin T. Quinn, eds. Divine Action in Hebrews and the Ongoing Priesthood of Jesus. (Zondervan Academic).
Garrard, David J. The Epistle to the Hebrews. (Wipf & Stock).
Grindheim, Sigurd. The Letter to the Hebrews. Pillar New Testament Commentary. (Eerdmans).
Kraus, Wolfgang. Studium zum Hebräerbrief. Biblische Zeitschrift - Supplements 6. (Brill).

Lustig, Christian. Tod und Opfer Jesu im Hebräerbrief. WUNT 2/589. (Mohr Siebeck).
Schenck, Kenneth. Explanatory Notes on the Sermon of Hebrews (Wipf & Stock).
Sigismund, Marcus, and Siegfried Kreuzer, eds. Die Schriftzitate im Hebräerbrief als Zeugen für die Überlieferung der Septuaginta. WUNT 2/580. (Mohr Siebeck).
Urga, Abeneazer G., Edward L. Smither, and Linda P. Saunders, eds. Reading Hebrews Missiologically: The Missionary Motive, Message, and Methods of Hebrews. (William Carey Publishing).

Castanyé, Josep and Jordi Cervera, eds. Martí Luter, Comentari a la Carta als Hebreus. (Centre de Pastoral Liturgica).
Cyril of Alexandria. Commentaries on Romans, 1–2 Corinthians, and Hebrews. Joel C. Elowsky, ed. David R. Maxwell, trans. (InterVarsity).
Gause, R. Hollis. Hebrews. Pentecostal Commentary Series (Brill).
The "Better" Is the Best: Essays on the Book of Hebrews (White Horse Inn). 

Honorable mention:
Emadi, Matthew. The Royal Priest: Psalm 110 in Biblical Theology. New Studies in Biblical Theology 60. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2022. 

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The Letter to the Hebrews, a collection of papers arising from the 70th Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense, will be published soon in 2024. Edited by Régis Burnet.

Sofanit T. Abebe, Elizabeth W. Mburu, and Abeneazer G. Urga, eds. Reading Hebrews and 1 Peter from Majority World Perspectives is due to be published by Bloomsbury on October 17, 2024.

Kevin McCruden has announced that he has completed a short study on the Christology of Hebrews for Paulist Press. He anticipates it will come out next summer.

Philip and Loveday Alexander have been contracted to apply their respective specialties in the Judaic and Greco-Roman backgrounds to a new two-volume ICC commentary on Hebrews.

Eric Mason is also writing an introductory commentary, Run with Perseverance: An Introduction to the Epistle to the Hebrews (tentative title), for Eerdmans.

David Moffitt is planning to write a book on Hebrews and supersessionism.

David Moffitt's commentary for the New Oxford Bible Commentary has been accepted for publication.
George Guthrie will be writing a theology of Hebrews in Zondervan's Theology of the New Testament series. He told me he expects it to be over 500 pages!

Scott Mackie is writing a book, roughly titled, Ekphrasis and Epiphany in Hebrews.

Wolfgang Kraus is writing a commentary on Hebrews for the Das Neue Testament Deutsch (NTD) series for Vandenhoek & Ruprecht.

Cynthia Westfall is doing the Baylor Handbook on the Greek Text of Hebrews. She is also slated for the New Covenant Commentary series.

Radu Gheorghita is doing the Hebrews volume for Zondervan's The Story of God Bible Commentary.

Brian Wintle is doing the Hebrews commentary for the India Commentary on the New Testament.

Alan Mitchell is writing the Hebrews volume in a new Oxford commentary series.

Alan Mitchell is also writing a book on Hebrews and supercessionism for Paulist press.
Madison Pierce is working on the Hebrews commentary for the Baker Exegetical Commentary of the New Testament.

Ben Blackwell is editing Hebrews in Context: The Sermon and Second Temple Judaism for Zondervan.

Dana Harris will be doing the Hebrews volume for The Bible in God's Word commentary series.

Félix Cortez is working on a commentary on Hebrews for Pacific Press.

David deSilva is listed as doing an updated edition for the Word Biblical Commentary.

Abeneazer Urga is doing the Hebrews commentary for the Africa Bible Commentary Series.

According to, the following are forthcoming:
Joslin, Barry in Focus on the Bible (FB)
Moo, Douglas J. in Zondervan Exegetical Commentary (ZEC)
Allen, David L. in Christian Standard Commentary
Lyons, John in Blackwell Bible Commentaries