Thursday, November 23, 2023

Studies on the Letter to the Hebrews

Although I did not see it at SBL, apparently this book is now out:

Wolfgang Kraus. Studium zum Hebräerbrief. Biblische Zeitschrift - Supplements 6. Leiden: Brill, 2023.

Translation of the description:
"This volume deals with studies on various theological and literary questions of the letter to the Hebrews, including intention and objective, addressees, ecclesiology, covenant concept, Jesus as a “mediator”, meaning of Jesus' death, speech about God, Christology, Hebrews 13, reception of scripture, Church and Israel. The Epistle to the Hebrews enjoys lively interest in recent research. The author of it is increasingly seen as the third great theologian of the New Testament, alongside Paul and John. Many detailed questions are still unresolved. The studies were created over the last 15 years as preparatory work for a commentary on Hebrews. They address important questions in the interpretation of Hebrews and attempt to advance research one step further."

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Divine Action in Hebrews

New book, co-edited by my friend Gary Cockerill, and recently published:

Cockerill, Gareth Lee, Craig Bartholomew, and Benjamin T. Quinn, eds. Divine Action in Hebrews and the Ongoing Priesthood of Jesus. Zondervan Academic, 2023.


"Recent years have seen renewed interest in divine action, but much of the literature tends to focus on the science-theology discussion. Resulting from multi-year work of the Scripture and Doctrine Seminar, part of KLC's Scripture Collective, this book attends to the portrayal of divine action in one major biblical text, namely Hebrews. In the New Testament, Hebrews is on par with Romans in terms of importance but has too often been overlooked. Contributors to this volume explore the many different ways in which divine action is foregrounded and portrayed in Hebrews. As its name indicates, Hebrews overflows with Old Testament intertextuality, which also makes it a fertile ground for analysis of divine action stretching back into the Old Testament and opening out into different parts of the NT. The essays in this volume:

  • rigorously work the interface of theology and exegesis, all related to Hebrews;
  • offer an overview of the current state of discussion of divine action and the importance of exploring divine action in specific biblical texts, with special reference to William Abraham's recent 4 volume work with OUP;
  • provide an overview of the reception history of Hebrews in theologies of divine action;
  • explore how this has this played out in historical theology and what a retrieval of Hebrews for a theology of divine action might mean today;
  • explore the relationship between the doctrine of God and divine action in Hebrews, including an engagement with classical theism;
  • provocatively explore divine action in the OT, creation, and eschatology in Hebrews;
  • explore the major theme in Hebrews of divine action through the ongoing priesthood of Jesus as portrayed in Hebrews;
  • relate this all to preaching Hebrews today and to spiritual formation.

The book's conclusion reflects on the primary action of God speaking in Hebrews."

New Pillar Commentary on Hebrews

Eerdmans has rolled out the replacement volume for Hebrews in the Pillar New Testament Commentary series. I met Sigurd at SBL this year. He is from Norway.

Sigurd Grindheim. The Letter to the Hebrews. Pillar New Testament Commentary. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2023.

"What does the Letter to the Hebrews have to say to Christians today?

A compelling exhortation to hold true to the faith in the face of adversity. A sermon rife with iconic imagery and Old Testament allusions. A signal work of theology in the New Testament.

Above all, the Letter to the Hebrews proclaims the high priesthood of Jesus Christ. But the book’s textual complexity and long history of interpretation can be overwhelming. In this new Pillar commentary, Sigurd Grindheim illuminates the Letter to the Hebrews, paying careful attention to linguistic features and historical context—all while centering its relevance to modern readers.

Grindheim clearly and comprehensively addresses major issues about the text, including authorship, date, canonicity, formal qualities, and major themes. Following his thorough introduction, he explains each line of the text and its significance for believers today. Grindheim’s commentary offers pastors, students, and scholars the clarity and fresh insights they want in their scriptural study."

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Articles and Essays Page Taken Down

Blogger has taken down my Articles and Essays page making it unavailable for viewing. Someone flagged it to Blogger for some reason, but by doing so that person made the content unavailable for viewing. The page consists merely of links to other pages. If you have an issue with anything on this blog, please bring it to my attention first. I don't know if I will be able to fix the issue Blogger is pointing out because the email was not very specific. It has to do with Malware but I have hundreds of links on the page, so I do not know if I can identify the problem and recover the page.

Update: Blogger did restore the page, but I am requesting that if you find a bad link on this page or some other problem, please let me know.