Friday, May 31, 2024

Hebrews Highlights - April & May 2024

Andrew Perriman rethinks the quotation of Psalm 102:25–27 in Hebrews 1.

Brian Abasciano answers appeals Hebrews 13:5 as a prooftext for "once saved, always saved."

B. J. Oropeza explores the question "Are those who fall away really Christians?" in his analysis of Hebrews 6:4–6.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Thanks to Eerdmans

I want to thank Eerdmans for a copy of Amy Peeler's new commentary on Hebrews. I did not solicit Eerdmans for a copy but someone initiated an order for me. Perhaps they saw my previous announcement on this blog. Anyway, thank you! I hope I will be able to review the book for this blog.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Patterns of Repetition, Structure, and Meaning in Hebrews

"While many have recognized unusual patterns of repetition within the book of Hebrews, which seem to play a range of important functions within the text, the consistency of this patterning has not been fully appreciated and its function has been largely unexamined. This study investigates the location and function of what we have termed "link clusters" within Hebrews from the perspective of discourse analysis, to gain fresh insight into the language, structure, and genre of Hebrews; into the book's relationship to the Old Testament; and into the book's authorship and meaning. This work proposes, first, that Hebrews uses repetition to establish formal connections between words and phrases marked as significant by their location and context with respect to other similarly connected words and phrases; second, that link clusters serve to structure the book of Hebrews by uniting the text into a series of overlapping, concentric, and coherent units; and, third, that link clusters also serve an important topical function, clarifying and amplifying intended meaning as pairs of matching topic sentences that respectively introduce and conclude each section and subsection of the discourse by summarizing its content."

Friday, May 3, 2024

Amy Peeler's Commentary on Hebrews

The publication date is said to be May 21 but apparently Amy's commentary is available now:

Amy Peeler. Hebrews. Commentaries for Christian Formation. Eerdmans.


"How can the Letter to the Hebrews help Christians grow in their faith?

The Letter to the Hebrews tells us that God is trustworthy—that we can trust in Jesus’s defeat of death to lead us to eternal life. Complicating this crucial message, the letter’s enigmatic origins, dense intertextuality, and complex theological import can present challenges to believers wrestling with the text today.

Amy Peeler opens up Hebrews for Christians seeking to understand God in this learned and pastoral volume of Commentaries for Christian Formation. Her fresh translation and detailed commentary offer insights into Christology, the relationship between Judaism and Christianity, and the letter’s canonical resonances. She pays special attention to how the text approaches redemption, providing consolation for the anxious and correction for the presumptuous.

Peeler explains the letter’s original context while remaining focused on its relevance to Christian communities today. Pastors and lay readers alike will learn how Hebrews helps them know, trust, and love God more deeply."