Sermons, Bible Studies, Devotionals Etc.

The following links consist of various church and ministry resources, including sermons, Bible studies, devotionals, and other types of resources. They are done by a variety of individuals, churches and/or ministries.  By providing these links I make no endorsements regarding the quality or the accuracy of the resources contained therein.

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Akin, Daniel L. A Study of the Epistle to the Hebrews.

Anderson, Don - A Practical Study of Hebrews: Jesus is All You Need. [pdf download]

Anderson, Duane L (AIBI Resources). Hebrews. 2002. - Detailed Bible Book Outline.

Arnold, Jack L. ( - sermons

Atlantic Coast Communications - contains numerous audio sermons by various individuals.

Armstrong, Stephen (Verse by Verse Ministry) - Bible studies.

Austin-Sparks, T. "God Hath Spoken" - messages

Azurdia, Arturo G., III - audio messages.

Bardsley, Rosemary (God's Word For You) - Bible studies.

Barnett, Brent - Commentary on the Book of Hebrews.

Barry, John - "Facing Today with the Book of Hebrews."

Be Confident - A Study on Hebrews - Jim Pounders

Berean Bible Church - studies on Hebrews.

Berean Christian Bible Study Resources

Beth Immanuel Messianic Synagogue - audio sermons

Bible Bulletin Board - sermons by various individuals.

Bible Commentary Project - commentary. - commentary

Bible Sermons Online - contains numerous audio sermons by various individuals.

Biblical Truths (Haverhill Road Church of Christ) - Bible study.

Bowen, Todd (Grace Covenant Church, Grand Island, NE) - sermons.

Branham, William Marrion - audio sermons by the author of An Exposition of the Book of Hebrews.

Brooks, Matthew. "Unwrapping God's Greatest Gift: The Humanity of Jesus Christ: Hebrews 2:14-18."

California Institute for Ancient Studies - "A Study on the Sanctuary and Hebrews Chapter Nine."
Calvary South Denver, Pastor Gino Geraci - Hebrews 2:1-4, So Great A Salvation - video.
Cambridge Presbyterian Church - sermons by various individuals.

Cameron, Bruce ( - Bible studies.

Capozzi, Ruth Joy - audio sermons and word studies.

Carr, Alan - sermons.

Chandler, Matt & Josh Patterson - The Village Church, Flower Mound - sermons.

Christian Fellowship Devotionals.

Clark, Michael. Calvary Chapel Tehachapi - audio sermons on Hebrews.

Closer - audio and text studies.

Cole, Steven J. (Flagstaff Christian Fellowship) - expository studies.

Colijn, Brenda B. - powerpoints printouts.

Companion Bible - translation with notes.

Copeland, Mark A. - sermon outlines.  PDF version.

Corbett, Andrew (Biblical Thinking Resources) - Bible studies.

Courson, Jon (Applegate Christian Fellowship) - topical and expositional teachings.

Deffinbaugh, Bob - Near to the Heart of God: A Study of the Book of Hebrews.

Denton, Tony Everett - Bible studies in .doc, .pdf, and .ppt styles.

Duncan, J. Ligon, III (First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS) - sermons.  Volumes 2-3.

Eaton, Michael A. Hebrews. Audio files.

Expository Files (Warren E. Berkley & Jon W. Quinn, eds.)

Feldick, Les. Through the Bible. - Scroll down for lessons on Hebrews.  Books 46-52 cover Hebrews.  Lessons are available in text and mp3 format, but tapes, cds, or videos can also be purchased from the site.

Finney, Charles G. - sermons.

First Evangelical Free Church (Wichita, KS) - sermons

Four Eleven Foundation - studies.

Fowler, James A. (Christ In You Ministries) - Jesus: Better Than Everything - Bible studies. - Fred Butler - study.

Gann, Windell - Bible Study Lesson Sheets.

Gench, Frances Taylor - "The Great Cloud of Witnesses: A Bible Study on Hebrews 12." [pdf download]

Geneva Bible - translation with notes.

Gilbert, Max (Riverwood-Punchbowl Anglican Church) - home church group discussion booklet.

Gistand, Jesse (Grace Bible Church) - studies.

Gnade um Gnade - sermons. - commentary.

Göttinger Predigten im Internet. Sermons in German.

Grace Baptist Church, Fremont, CA - sermons.

Gunn, Michael (Harambee Christian Church) - sermons and notes on Hebrews.

Hahn, Roger - Bible study.

Hayden Lake Evangelical Friends Church - study guides.

Hess, Charles - commentary. 2004.

Hill, Maura K. True Bible Study - Hebrews.

Hoffman, Frank L. ( - sermons.

Hroida, Carol (St. Mark's Church, New Canaan, CT) - class handouts.

Hughes, Bryan. Grace Bible Church. "Hebrews - Jesus Is Better" - sermons. (Scroll down for link)

Hunt, Josh - Sunday school lessons.

Hunt, Michal Elizabeth (Agape Catholic Bible Study)

Hockessin Baptist Church - scroll down towards the bottom for the sermon series on Hebrews, "From Shadow to Substance."

Holt, John A. (Bethel Assembly of Pittsburgh) - sermons.

Indian Hills Community Church - audio sermons.

InterVarsity Press - Quiet Time Bible Study.

Jacoby, D. A. "Digging Deeper: A Study of Hebrews" - Bible study outline.

Jarrett, Scott. Christ Covenant Church. Dark Brewed: Hebrews. 9 audio studies.

Jeffery, Steve (Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Southgate, North London) - audio sermons.

Jeremiah, David. Explore the Bible Video. Introduction of Hebrews.

Johnson, Earl S., Jr. Interpretation Bible Studies Leader's Helps--Hebrews. [pdf download]

Johnson, S. Lewis (Believers Chapel) - audio teachings.

Jones, Blake E.  The Heartbeat of Hebrews: A Devotional Exposition of the Book of Hebrew - The Holiness Epistle.

Jones, Stephen E. (God's Kingdom Ministries) - "Hebrews: Immigrating from the Old Covenant to the New."

Kampenga, Pat (Joy of Living Bible Studies) - Hebrews Youth Bible Study. [pdf download]

Keeth, Crickett - By Faith Alone: A Study on the Characters of Hebrews 11.

Keller, Tim. The Gospel Coalition. - sermons.

Keller, Timothy J. Redeember Presbyterian Church - sermons.

King, W. N. Canadian Nazarene College - introduction.

Kraft, Vickie - Footsteps of Faith: Following the Call - Studies on Hebrews 11.

Krejcir, Richard Joseph (Into Thy Word) - Bible studies.

Krepps, Bob - weekly devotional.

Landmark Baptist Seminary - Bible study notes.

Laursen, Gerardo. Hebreos: Comentario Breve. Commentary.

Lavender, John Allan - sermons.

Lawson, Steven J. (New Reformation Ministries) - audio sermons.

Lee, Hal C. - Bible studies.

Like The Master Ministries - Bible studies.

Linden, David - scroll down for lessons on Hebrews.

Lindsay, Scott - "Introduction to Hebrews: A Sermon."

Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church - sermons.

MacArthur, John (Grace to You) - sermons.

Mackintosh, Mike (Horizon Christian Fellowship) - audio sermons.

MacPhail, Bryn (St. Giles Kingsway Presbyterian Church, Toronto) - sermons.

Madany, Bassam M. "Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews."

Mantion, Thomas - sermons.

Maranatha Global - sermons.

Martin, Diehl - lessons. [scroll down] 

Martin, Paul W. Sermons on Hebrews.

Mathew, P. G. (Grace Valley Christian Center) - sermons.

Matutis, Joh. W. - study.

McCracken, Andy (Reformed Presbyterian Church, Columbus, IN) - audio sermons.

McDonald, Lloyd John - Bible lessons.

McKee, Aude - outline on Hebrews.

McKee, J. K. - Bible studies.

McGee, J. Vernon - Hebrews: Notes & Outlines.

Michael D. Morrison. Grace Communion International. Articles.

Missler, Chuck. Audio studies.

Moskowitz, Jhan (Jews for Jesus) - scroll down for audio Bible studies.

Murai, Hajime - Rhetorical Structure of Epistle to the Hebrews.

Neufeld, Gerald. "Study Notes and Questions for Hebrews10:19–39." SDBC Sunday School Notes.

Newheiser, Jim (Grace Bible Church) - sermons.

Newman, Robert C. - Powerpoint slides.

Newton, Phil (South Woods Baptist Church) - sermons.

Niemela, Jered. "No Longer A Slave." (Sermon on Hebrews 10:1-18).

Oasis Christian Church (Scroll down for audio sermons).

Ogden, Alex D. - studies.

Padfield, David - Workbook on the Epistle to the Hebrews. [pdf download]

Peace Church United Methodist - Sermon on Hospitality and the Letter to the Hebrews.

Peninsula Bible Church - various teachings.

Pérez, Arturo. Cornerstone Bible Church. Epistle to the Hebrews.

Phillips, David. The Epistle to the Hebrews: A Study Guide. 2007.

Pierce, Jeremy. Links to Sermons on Hebrews.

Piper, John (Desiring God Ministries) - sermons.

Piper, John - audio sermons. - sermons.

Rayburn, Robert S. (Faith Presbyterian Church, Tacoma, WA) - studies.

Reed, W. Robert - scroll down for study on Hebrews (.doc and .pdf formats).

Reich, Josh - Study Guide on the Book of Hebrews. 2009. [pdf download]

Ritenbaugh, John W. "Sermon: The Five Warnings of Hebrews." 2001.

Robinson, Don (Grace Baptist Temple) - sermons.

Robinson, Rob  - Commentary.

Rugh, Gil (Indian Hills Community Church) - sermons.

Russell, Stanley L. The Book of Hebrews Crossword Puzzles.

Schafer, Alan - The Open Word - survey outline. [pdf download]

Sermon Cloud - numerous sermons by various individuals. - numerous sermons by various individuals. - numerous sermons by various individuals.

Sieger, Jörg. Der Hebräerbrief - introduction.

Simple Bible  - studies

Smith, Jeff (Eastside Church of Christ) - Bible studies.

Smith, Randall. One Hour. One Book: Hebrews - video study.

Smyth & Helwys Worship - sermons by various individuals.

Snell, Jay - commentary.

Sproul, R. C. - video.

Spurgeon, Charles H. - Commenting & Commentaries - annotated bibliography

Stedman, Ray - studies.

Steel, James P. A Brief Introduction to Hebrews.

Stevenson, John - studies.

Strouse, Thomas M. The Book of Hebrews - Introductory matters.

Tanner, J. Paul - lecture notes.

Taylor, Gene - The Superiority of Christ and His Covenant: A Study in the Book of Hebrews. [pdf download]

Telgren, John D. (Qoheleth Web Ministry) - sermons.

That The World May Know Ministries - lessons.

Torah Resource - Tim Hegg - commentary and audio studies.

Traill, Robert. Sermon on Hebrews 12:29.

Trivette, Ken (The Living Word) - sermons. - Bible study

Twin City Fellowship - audio Bible studies.

Van Dine, James - Analysis on Hebrews. [pdf download]

Verse By Verse Ministry - podcasts and teaching notes.

Warner, Tim - Oasis Christian Church - audio teachings. Translation with notes.

Watkins, Steve (First Baptist Church of San Lorenzo Valley) - audio sermons.

West-Ark Church of Christ - studies.

Whitfield, Bryan J. Working Preacher Commentary on Hebrews.

Wilson, Ralph F. - disciple lessons. - Commentary.

Worthen, Drew (Double Edge Sword Biblical Resources) - messages formerly given at Calvary Chapel, Port Charlotte, FL.

Xenos Christian Fellowship - various Bible studies.

Yungán, Edgar. Notas de Hebreos.

Zhang, Joshua - Sunday school lessons (in Chinese).