Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hebrews in the Blogosphere

In the roughly last two weeks of June there was some activity on the blogs regarding Hebrews.

Darrell Pursiful has tried his hand at creating traditional liturgies based on the Book of Hebrews. In the first posting he has a greeting, scriptures sentences, and a bidding prayer. In the second he has a call to confession, a confession of sin, a declaration of forgiveness, and a hymn of praise. In the third he has a prayer for illumination, responses to scripture readings, an affirmation of faith, prayers, and the peace. In the fourth he has an offertory sentence and liturgies related to the eucharist. In the fifth he concludes with the responses to the eucharist and a benediction. Basically, he has created a liturgy to cover every aspect of the traditional worship. Clayboy offers a critique of this experiment.

In the blog Joe Versus the Volcano, there is a posting on how Thomas Aquninas mapped out the relationship of the Pauline epistles (including Hebrews) according to the unifying theme of grace.

Finally, Brian LePort gives a brief review of the Tyndale Life Application Bible Study on Hebrews. A second review by Jason can be found here.


  1. Brian,

    I am considering preaching through Hebrews in the near future and wanted your opinion on a commentary. I currently own the Hebrews volume in NICNT, WBC, and NIGTC. What is your opinion of Luke Timothy Johnson's volume in the NTL (I am assuming you're somewhat familiar with it)? I want one more solid commentary, but can't decide which.
    BTW--Thanks for linking my review of the LABS by Tyndale.


  2. Hi Jason:

    Johnson's volume would be good, although you might want to consider getting either Harold Attridge's commentary (Hermeneia) or Craig Koester's (Anchor Bible) before that one.

  3. Brian,

    Thanks for the suggestions--I'll check them out!