Friday, January 20, 2012

Some Book News

Four items of interest pertaining to books on Hebrews came up in the blogs today:

Mike Kibbe provides a brief review on David Moffitt's new book, Atonement and the Logic of Resurrection in Hebrews (he will have a more extensive review in an upcoming issue of Themelios).  He raises questions about the implications of Moffitt's thesis on atonement theology in the rest of the NT.  Whether or not Moffitt's book changes views on the atonement in the rest of the NT, it could change the discussion on Hebrews for years to come.  Put simply, if Moffitt is right, then he has solved the long–standing problem in Hebrews' scholarship of when Jesus became high priest.

The T & T Clark blog announces that next month will see the publication of Christology, Hermeneutics, and Hebrews.  Here is the description of the book:

"Christology and Hermeneutics discusses the history of the interpretation of the Letter to the Hebrews. Contributors assess the study and interpretation of Hebrews across the last two millennia. Beginning with the Patristic period, the book goes on to examine the responses of Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, John Calvin, as well as more recent figures such as Karl Barth and contemporary global interpreters.

The premise behind the work is to move study of Hebrews away from the perennial arguments about its authorship and provenance and to instead engage with it from a theological perspective, focusing upon the text's reception history. Consequently the issue of the Christological message in Hebrews is at the forefront and is considered both in terms of the interpreter's context and historical setting. At the end of the book the investigations are summarised and responded to by leading scholar Harold Attridge, providing a fitting conclusion to a radical academic project."

Matthew Miller for the blog informs us that Eerdmans is planning to discontinue the publication of F. F. Bruce's commentary The Epistle to the Hebrews in the NICNT series and replace it this Spring with the forthcoming commentary of the same name by Gary Cockerill.

Finally, Matthew Montonini announces that Wipf and Stock have just released a festschrift for I. Howard Marshall entitled, New Testament Theology in Light of the Church's Mission.  Here is the description of the book:

"This book offers important new case studies in understanding the theology and praxis of mission in the New Testament and in reading the New Testament for mission. Significant scholars from around the world explore aspects of the missional theology of the Gospels, Acts, Paul, Hebrews, and Revelation. The essays are offered as a fitting tribute to I. Howard Marshall—one of the most outstanding evangelical New Testament scholars of his generation."

Of interest for this blog is the chapter on Hebrews entitled, "Hebrews and the Mission of the Earliest Church" by Jon Laansma.

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