Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hebrews Articles 2013

The following is a lists of articles that have come out in 2013.  I will update this list as I learn of new articles:

Barnard, Jody A. "Ronald Williamson and the Background of Hebrews." Expository Times 124 (July 2013): 469–79.

Burnet, Régis. “La finale de l’Épître aux Hébreux: Une addition alexandrine de la fin du IIe siècle?” Revue biblique 120.3 (2013): 423–40.

Church, Philip. "The Temple in the Apocalypse of Weeks and in Hebrews." Tyndale Bulletin 64.1 (2013): 109–28.

Dyer, Bryan R. "The Epistle to the Hebrews in Recent Research: Studies on the Author's Identity, His Use of the Old Testament, and Theology." Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism 9 (2013): 104–31.

McCruden, Kevin B. "The Eloquent Blood of Jesus: The Neglected Theme of the Fidelity of Jesus in Hebrews 12:24." Catholic Biblical Quarterly 75 (2013): 504–20.

Ounsworth, Richard. "Faith in the Epistle to the Hebrews." Scripture Bulletin 43.1 (2013): 22–32.

Schapdick, Stefan. “Die Metathesis der erschütterbaren Dinge, ‘damit das Unerschütterbare bleibe’ (Hebr 12,27): Verwandlung – Vernichtung – Wandelbarkeit?: Zum Verständnis des Begriffs μεταθεσις im Kontext von Hebr 12,1–29 (Teil I).” Biblische Zeitschrift 57.1 (2013): 46–59.

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