Monday, June 2, 2014

Walser Dissertation Available Online

I am in the process of reviewing Georg Walser's monograph, Old Testament Quotations in Hebrews for RBL. In trying to find something out about the author, I discovered that his dissertation is available online:

"Textual and Contextual Background of the Old Testament Quotations in Hebrews." Ph.D. diss., University of Leicester, 2013.

His monograph is a slightly revised version of the dissertation. Naturally, I am adding a link to this dissertation on my theses and dissertations page.

A partial preview of his monograph can be found on the Google Books site.


  1. Cannot get this link to work. I have tried through other means. Maybe the internet in Beira, Mozambique is not up to it. Could you confirm the link.

    1. Yes, both links work for me. Here is a more direct link to the PDF: