Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Stolz Article on Hebrews 1:6

A new article on Hebrews has appeared in the latest issue of Biblica:

Lukas Stolz. "Das Einführen des Erstegeboren in die οικουμενη (Hebr 1,6a)." Biblica 95 (2014): 405–23.

Here is the synopsis:
"The meaning of the firstborn's ei)vsagwgh/ into the oi)koume/nh in Hebrews 1,6a is greatly disputed. Proposed interpretations are the presentation of the Son after the creation, his incarnation, his baptism, his exaltation and his parousia. The arguments seem to speak for the lastmentioned and against the currently very popular exaltation reading."

Interesting. In my research, I detected that the current trend is towards the exaltation reading as the synopsis indicates. I adopted the exaltation reading myself in my dissertation. It will be interesting to see if Stolz has any new arguments favoring the parousia reading.

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