Friday, September 25, 2015

New Articles on Hebrews

Here are some recent articles on Hebrews:

(1) Steyn, Gert Jacobus. “Moses as ΘΕΡΑΠΩΝ in Heb 3:5–6: Portrait of a Cultic Prophet-Priest in Egypt?” Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages 40.2 (2014): 113–25.

-Steyn's article is available on, so you have to have an account to access it.

(2) Kibbe, Michael. “Requesting and Rejecting: Παραιτέομαι in Heb 12,18–29.” Biblica 96.2 (2015): 282–86.


"This short note examines the three occurrences of παραιτέομαι in Heb 12,18-29 and suggests that the repeated use of the word demonstrates the author’s evaluation of Israel’s “request” for distance from God at Sinai as a rejection of his word to them. While some have distinguished between the meaning (and referent) of παραιτέομαι in 12,19 and 12,25, this distinction is unsustainable in light of the use of παραιτέομαι outside of Hebrews and the flow of thought in Heb 12,18-29."

-This article is not yet available on the Biblica webpage but should be soon.

(3) Stökl, Daniel. “Yom Kippur in the Apocalyptic Imaginaire and the Roots of Jesus’ HighPriesthood: Yom Kippur in Zechariah 3, 1 Enoch 10, 11QMelkizedeq, Hebrews and the Apocalypse of Abraham 13.” Pages 349–66 in Transformations of the Inner Self in Ancient Religions. Edited by Jan Assmann and Guy G. Stroumsa. Studies in the History of Religions 83. Leiden: Brill, 1999.

-While not a new article, it has now been made available on

(4) McCruden, Kevin B. “The Eloquent Blood of Jesus: The Neglected Theme of the Fidelity of Jesus in Hebrews.” Catholic Biblical Quarterly 75 (2013): 504–20.

-Another article that has recently been made available on

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