Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hebrews Written Before 70 AD?

Jonathan Bernier has put forth an argument (originally argued by John A. T. Robinson) that he thinks is decisive for placing the dating of Hebrews before 70 A.D. I find this interesting. While I lean towards a pre-70s date, I have encountered many Hebrews scholars who favor a post-70s date. What do you think about his argument?


  1. If we consider the obedience of self-giving that we are called to over self-protection alone, we find an obedience of faith that is fully compatible with the faithfulness of God revealed in Tanach. There is a sufficient canon for the letter of the Hebrews to have been written any time after the death of Jesus. The critical aspect is the appeal to faith (chapter 11) as revealed in the Tanach. The use of the Psalms as a critical part of the formation of the son in our human sphere is another time-and-geography-independent piece of reasoning that leads to our obedience to the example that Jesus provides.

    I like what I see in the article you reference. Thanks.

  2. The problem with the argument here is that no one would have assumed the sacrifices to have stopped permanently. It was not until after the bar Kochba revolt that it really sank in that the temple was gone for good. Josephus Ap. 2.77; 2.193-98; Ant. 3.151-60, 224-57; 1 Clem. 40; Diognetus 3.