Friday, June 15, 2018

New Article on Hebrews

New article on Hebrews:

Wenkel, David H. “Abraham’s Typological Resurrection from the Dead in Hebrews 11.” Criswell Theological Review 15.2 (2018): 51–66.

"This study considers the typological function of Abraham and Sarah in Hebrews 11. This study argues that the writer of Hebrews presents Abraham as one who experienced a bodily resurrection of the dead in nuce when God empowered him to procreate at age ninety-nine. A miraculous act of re-invigoration enabled Abraham and Sarah to conceive the child-of-promise (Isaac) when it was impossible. This event was a proto-resurrection of the dead because a part of Abraham’s body that was de ad, was made alive. This is a watershed event in the typological escalation of Hebrews 11 that eventually culminates in the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead in Hebrews 13."

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