Monday, October 22, 2018

Hebrews at the ANZABS Conference

There is one paper on Hebrews that will be delivered at the ANZABS Conference in Wesley Hall, Trinity Methodist College in Auckland, Australia:

Friday 7 December, 2018
Philip Church, Laidlaw College
“In Speaking of a New Covenant, God Declares the First Obsolete” (Heb 8:13): 
Supersessionism in the Book of Hebrews

"In the 2000 edition of his Hebrews commentary Robert Gordon claimed that Hebrews was supersessionist. In the second edition (2008) he added an eighteen page defence of that claim. Since Hebrews was written by an ethnic Jew to ethnic Jews, and since the argumentation is drawn from the Jewish Greek Scriptures, the critique of the Jewish cult is an internal critique, the seeds of which were sown in those Scriptures. The former covenant anticipated the new, and what it anticipated is now a reality. Now that the reality has come, what anticipated it has been fulfilled and is no longer necessary. This is fulfilment rather than supersession."

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