Monday, December 17, 2018

Repunctuation of Hebrews 9:17?

The newest article on Hebrews has just been published in JBL:

Stevens, Daniel. "Is It Valid? A Case for the Repunctuation of Hebrews 9:17." Journal of Biblical Literature 137.4 (2018): 1019–25.

"Traditionally in translation and edited Greek texts, Heb 9:17 has been punctuated and understood as a declarative statement. I argue, however, that 9:17, particularly 9:17b, should be understood as a rhetorical question, not as a declaration. One possible translation would be “For a testament is made sure upon death. After all, is a testament ever valid while the one who made it lives?” "

Members of SBL of course can download a copy of the article through the SBL website.

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