Thursday, November 28, 2019

A Hebrews Commentary in Swedish

I collect all things Hebrews. Tommy Wasserman, a Swedish NT professor who specializes in NT textual criticism, kindly brought me a copy of his commentary on Hebrews all the way from Sweden (thus saving me shipping costs ;-) ). His commentary appears to be on a more popular level. There are no footnotes and a brief annotated bibliography of six English-language works is attached to the end. The commentary is divided into 13 sections (but not necessarily by chapter) and a few excurses are sprinkled throughout. The commentary was published in 2010. The title basically means "with eyes fixed on Jesus." Here is a translation of the blurb for the book from one website:

With eyes fixed on Jesus is a commentary on Hebrews in the New Testament Message series. This letter addresses, among other things, as the name of the letter suggests, the relationship between Judaism and Christianity and addresses, among other things, the cultural issues that relate to this relationship. But here are also some problem texts that can be difficult to interpret and where this commentary tries to give answers to how they might be applicable today.

This is the fifth book in the commentary series New Testament Message (NTB) for Bible readers who want to understand more. Like previous books in the series, it can be studied on its own but can also be used in study circles or home groups. Tommy Wasserman is a teacher in the New Testament and educational director at Örebro Theological University. His doctoral dissertation at Lund University was about textual criticism of Greek manuscripts in the letter of Judas. "... he succeeds well with the balance between interpreting and explaining the texts in his context and relating to our time and contemporary human life issues." Håkan Stenow, Library Services.

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