Monday, March 8, 2021

New Article on the Use of Psalm 40 in Hebrews 10

Ribbens, Benjamin J. “The Sacrifice of God Desired: Psalm 40.6–8 in Hebrews 10.” New Testament Studies 67.2 (2021): 284–304.
"Scholars often argue that Hebrews uses Psalm 40 in Heb 10.5–10 to emphasise obedience, either stressing Christ's lived obedience on earth or suggesting that obedience replaces sacrifice. However, Hebrews does not use Psalm 40 to highlight obedience but to identify another sacrificial offering. Christ's offering is the cultic offering that pleases God and achieves God's salvific will. While God did not take pleasure in Levitical sacrifices, he did command them and promise that they would achieve certain effects. The first covenant sacrifices achieved atonement and forgiveness because they were shadows that anticipated and participated in Christ's offering."

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