Thursday, March 16, 2023

Christology and New Creation in Hebrews

New article:

Shin, Euntaek D. “‘I Will Complete a New Covenant’ (Heb 8.8): Christology and New Creation in Hebrews.” New Testament Studies 69.2 (2023): 230–34.

"The use of συντɛλέω to speak of God's ‘completion’ of the new covenant (Heb 8.8) has generated various explanations. Yet none of them factor in an important clue in Hebrews, namely, the rest discourse. By establishing literary and theological connections between Heb 3.7–4.13 and 8.8–12, this study argues that the promise of the completion of the new covenant evokes the completion of creation and its ensuing sabbath rest. Such an evocation brings to surface a logic of Christology and new creation embedded in Hebrews."

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