Thursday, December 13, 2012

Course Syllabi

For the Spring semester I will be teaching an upper division class on Hebrews and the General Epistles.  So, in preparation for the course I have been looking at sample syllabi to get ideas about the kinds of assignments I might give to my students.  It occurred to me that I could add a page to the blog containing links to syllabi on courses on Hebrews that are available on the internet.  So, what follows is a listing of syllabi for courses on Hebrews exclusively, or as part of a more general course such as General or Catholic Epistles.  I will include a link to this page on the sidebar.

Baban, Octavian. Tyndale Theological Seminary. Fall 2014.
Exegesis of Hebrews

Battle, John A. Western Reformed Seminary. Fall 2012.
General Epistles

Bauer, David R. Asbury Theological Seminary.
Hebrews (January 1999)
Hebrews (January 2003)
Hebrews (January 2005)
Hebrews (January 2009)

Cowell, Clive M. New Hope Christian College. Fall 2012.
General Epistles and Revelation

Enrique, José. Fordham University. Fall 2010.
The Letter to the Hebrews

Guthrie, George H. Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Winter-Spring 2012.
The Epistle to the Hebrews in Jewish Christianity

Johns, Donald A. Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. Spring 2004.
Exegesis of Hebrews

Johnson, Dennis E. Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.
The Epistle to the Hebrews

Kistemaker, Simon J. Reformed Theological Seminary. Spring 2008.
Exposition of Hebrews

Kistemaker, Simon J. Reformed Theological Seminary. 2011.
Hebrews through Revelation

Krewson, William. Internet Bible Institute. 2003.
The Letter to the Hebrews: An Inductive Study

Liberty University Online.

Lightfoot, Neil. Abilene Christian University. May 2006.
Book of Hebrews

Lowe, Bruce. Reformed Theological Seminary. 2012.

Moody Bible Institute. 2001.

Neufeld, E. Providence Theological Seminary. May 2012.
Hebrews: These Last Days

Oral Roberts University. Spring 2005.
Hebrews and General Epistles

Owen, Dan. Bear Valley Bible Institute.

Ray, Charlie. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Spring 2016.
New Testament Exegesis: Hebrews

Reese, Ruth Anne. Asbury Theological Seminary. January 2004.
Exegesis of Hebrews (January 2003)
Exegesis of Hebrews (January 2004)

Schenck, Ken. Indiana Wesleyan University.
The Book of Hebrews

Schuppe, James S. Washington Bible College. Spring 2012.
Hebrews and the General Epistles

Sloan, David B. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Fall 2014.
English Bible: The Book of Hebrews.

Terry, Bruce. Ohio Valley College. 2001.

Williford, Donald. Hardin-Simmons University. Spring 2006.
The General Epistles and Revelation

Wright, Adam Z. Horizon College & Seminary
Providence Theological Seminary
Fall. 2014

Yates, Richard. Capital Bible Seminary. Summer 2012.
Hebrews, General Epistles, and Revelation

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