Thursday, December 13, 2012

Themelios Book Reviews

The journal Themelios has numerous book reviews that are available online.  I am including a listing of those on Hebrews here and will be adding them to the Book Reviews page.

Allen, David L. Lukan Authorship of Hebrews. Review by Michael Kibbe.

Allen, David L. Hebrews. Review by Barry Joslin.

Human, Dirk J. and Gert J. Steyn, eds. Psalms and Hebrews: Studies in Reception. Review by Jared M. Compton.

Jobes, Karen H. Letters to the Church: A Survey of Hebrews and the General Epistles. Review by Mariam J. Kamell.

Moffitt, David M. Atonement and the Logic of Resurrection in the Epistle to the Hebrews. Review by Michael Kibbe.

She, King L. The Use of Exodus in Hebrews. Review by Michael Kibbe.

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