Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hebrews Highlights - November 2013

The Hebrews Highlights (formerly Carnival) for the month of November 2013:

Shawn Wilhite queries, Did Early Communities Have a Pauline Reading of Hebrews?

Abram K-J contends that Hebrews ventures an answer to the question, Who Is Isaiah's Shepherd of the Sheep?

Ken Schenck summarizes his SBL paper indicating How Hebrews and Philo connected Scriptures. He concludes by venturing a proposal for the authorship of Hebrews . . .

Gabriella Gelardini announced at the final Hebrews session at SBL that she and Harold Attridge will be editing a volume consisting of twenty of the best papers given at the Hebrews group over the past eight years.  The volume will be published with Brill.

Also, a reminder: you can access many of the papers that were delivered in the SBL Hebrews Group sessions on Gelardini's webpage.  See sidebar for the link.  This year's papers are not available yet.

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