Friday, November 1, 2013

New Swedish Commentary on Hebrews

Walter Übelacker has published a new commentary in Swedish on the Book of Hebrews in the
Kommentar till Nya Testamentet (KNT) series:

Walter Übelacker. Hebreerbrevet. Verbum, 2013.

Here is the blurb for the book (roughly translated from the Swedish):

"The commentary to the Hebrews was written by Walter Übelacker, Associate Professor of New Testament Exegesis, formerly of the University of Lund.Commentary on the New Testament, abbreviated KNT, is a Swedish Commentary series, which aims to be a tool for Bible readers. The series is aimed at everyone who seriously wants to work with the biblical texts. KNT assumes no knowledge of the Bible's original languages​​. The commentary is based on the translation found in the Bible in 2000. The series is largely oriented to the text and its message. KNT has a uniform structure, which means that each section of the biblical text is commented on in three sections: notes, analysis and interpretation. The notes highlight specific details that need to be explained. Sometimes here there are historical, geographical and other relevant information for the understanding of the text. The analysis includes matters that are important for understanding the interpretation of the text section as a whole. It may be a connection, structural form, literary qualities and the like. The exposition pulls together the threads and explains the text's message. This last part can be read independently of the previous two sections. KNT is both a commentary and a manual. It can function so through its design and its detailed references. Many writers from different backgrounds participate in the commentary series."

HT: Tommy Wasserman 

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