Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bateman Articles and Reviews

Herbert W. Bateman IV has made available online a number of his articles and reviews.  The following articles have been added to this site:

Bateman, Herbert W. “Psalm 45:6–7 and Its Christological Contributions to Hebrews.” Trinity Journal ns 22 (2001): 3–21.

Bateman, Herbert W. “Psalm 110:1 and the New Testament.” Bibliotheca sacra 149 (1992): 438–53.

Bateman, Herbert W. “Second Temple Exegetical Practices: Extra-Biblical Examples of Exegesis Compared with Those in the Book of Hebrews.” Southwestern Journal of Theology 53 (2010): 26–54.

The following reviews have been added:

Johnson, Luke Timothy. Hebrews: A Commentary. New Testament Library. Review by Herbert W. Bateman.

Laansma, Jon. "I Will Give You Rest": The Rest Motif in the New Testament with Special Reference to Mt 11 and Heb 3–4. WUNT 2/98. Review by Herbert W. Bateman IV.

O'Brien, Peter. The Letter to the Hebrews. Pillar New Testament Commentay. Review by Herbert W. Bateman IV.

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