Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Problem of Peak in Hebrews

The NT journal Neotestamentica has a new article on Hebrews: 

Heath, David M. “The Problem of Peak in Hebrews.” Neotestamentica 48.2 (2014): 405–16.

"Scholars use various terms for the phenomenon of discourse peak. Only in the last forty years have some scholars suggested different types of peak. This study explores the application of multiple types of peak in the book of Hebrews. The problem of peak in Hebrews is evident by the diverse assertions concerning linguistic peaks by Neeley (1987), Guthrie (1994), and Westfall (2005) and the discrepancies of these peaks with the chiastic centre in Hebrews 8 as asserted by Vaganay (1940), Vanhoye (1977, 1989), Neeley (1987, 63), Gelardini (2009) and Heath (2011). Until more refinement of the notion of discourse peak and uniformity of terms emerges, it may be helpful to analyse the peaks of biblical texts in light of their natures (thematic peak, climax, and apex)."

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