Thursday, June 9, 2022

Two New Articles in JSNT

Maston, Jason. “The Son and Scripture in Hebrews 1–2.” Journal for the Study of the New Testament 44.4 (2022): 496–515.

"This article addresses the connection between the Christological claims in Heb. 1.2b-4 and the scriptures cited in 1.5-13. The claims are closely matched by the following scriptures in each instance except one, namely, the assertion about the Son’s death in 1.3c. Given the importance of the Son’s death for the author’s Christology (and soteriology), the lack of correspondence is striking. To account for this apparent oversight, I suggest that the citation of LXX Ps. 8.5-7 in Heb. 2.6-8 takes up this claim. Through the catena and LXX Ps 8.5-7, the author supports his Christological claims and establishes that God’s speaking through the Son is consistent with his activity among the prophets."

Malik, Peter. “Rid Us (Not) of the Temptation: A Note on theText of Hebrews 11:37.” Journal for the Study of the New Testament 44.4 (2022): 580–89.

"Prior to the publication of P46 (P.Beatty II; LDAB 3011), at Heb. 11.37 the earlier critical editions printed one of the longer readings, though from Erasmus onwards the passage was subject to a considerable number of conjectural emendations. With P46, the evidence for the reading ἐπρίσθησαν gained significant early manuscript support, thus impacting subsequent editorial practice and textual analysis. This study offers a reinvestigation of this textual problem and brings a new proposal based on a fresh evaluation of external and internal criteria."

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